Active winter


The location at an altitude of 615 m a.s.l. is enchanting with huge snow drifts, sometimes surprises with a blizzard, and at other times is a great joy, when the winter sun and negative temperature allow you to ski on skis or skis. The Gościniec has a specially prepared hill for sleds. In addition, guests have access to slides, plastic and wooden sledges as well as straw sacks. Just a small amount of snow is enough to use the winter slides :)

Sled rental for our guests

Gościniec Kapella in winter weather invites you not only to the ski slopes in the area, but also to the mountains and hills, on which sleds, whether plastic, on skids or blown, are a lot of fun :) We have prepared several types for our youngest guests sledges that can be rented for free at any time. Snow on our Pass lasts longer than in the nearby Basin, which is why often mud in the area means a good ride on Kapella :) There are also 1.5-meter drifts, which do not melt by march :)

Inside Inn there is also a heated room, which in the summer serves as a bicycle or trolley storage room, and in the winter is a storage room for skis, snowboards, sleds or a drying room for shoes and winter clothing. It is a closed room in which the guests of each room have a guaranteed place. It's close to Kapella for skiing. Both on the Polish and Czech side, the ski infrastructure in the area provides many opportunities for great fun.


Downhill skis Poland

Stacja Czarnów Ski - 37 km from Kapella

Winterpol Karpacz - 30 km from Kapella

Kopa Karpacz - 33 km from Kapella

Ski Szklarska Poręba - 32 km from Kapella

Ski Sun Świeradów - 45 km from Kapella


Cross-country skiing

Jakuszyce - 38 km from Kapella

Downhill skis Czech

Mala Upa - 40 km from Kapella

Harrachov - 44 km from Kapella

Great fun on the sleds at the SKI Arena Łysa Góra
SKI Arena Łysa Góra for our guests turned out to be perfect for sledging :) A huge, white space that calls to get it.
The little ones don't have to be persuaded for a long time :)
The more so because in Gościniec a whole room with sleds that are waiting for fun!