Spring Review 2021

Queen mother

The spring inspection in the apiary brings a lot of emotions for beekeepers, the positive ones are when you watch pictures like in the (...)

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BeePoint attention

BeeKapella & Łukawski

The beginning of May 2021 is the time of creating our bee points on Kapella. BeeKapella and Pasieka Łukawski are a total of three (...)

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We check what's buzzing in the hive

A spring look at the apiary brings a lot of impressions. For a beekeeper, this is the moment when the condition of bee colonies after (...)

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Logo BeeKapelli

We already have our new, long-awaited apiary logo. The bees on our BeeKapella farm pollinate on ecological meadows (...)

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Building frames

Winter bees, but we are getting ready for the 2021 honeymoon season. It will be a good year!  

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